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Protect Yourself From Manipulation

by Carl Schirtzer


Digital Course

  • Detect Attempts To Control or Brainwash You

  • Defend Against Toxic and Manipulative Interactions

  • Quickly and Confidently Identify Who Cannot Be Trusted 

  • Reclaim Energy from Previous Toxic Relationships

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    It's time to take action if you're feeling trapped in a narcissistic or otherwise manipulative relationship, struggling to break free from emotional control, or simply seeking to protect yourself from exploitation. By learning the four secrets of the Subconscious Ninja™, you can finally regain your power and confidently dismantle any attempts at manipulation in the future.

    In this eye-opening compilation, you can uncover the hidden secrets of mental manipulation while exploring four universal laws of the subconscious to easily recognize and dismantle attempts to influence or persuade what you believe to be true. The compilation comprises twelve lessons and near four hours of empowering information, taking you on a voyage to grasp the workings of your mind, the nature of reality, and where all manipulation begins. Then, you can venture into the realm of influence, persuasion, brainwashing, and more, to expose their tactics and learn what you can do to remain in control of your thoughts.

    It's important to note that the Subconscious Ninja™ does not teach manipulation, but rather how to defend against it.

  • Program material, exercises, activities, and through-proving perspectives, specifically dedicated to protecting against being influenced, persuaded, or mentally controlled.

  • Purposefully arranged to support all learning styles  

  • Unlimited viewing access through a private online access portal

  • Digital program alone. Electronic equipment is for display alone, and is not included in the purchase

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