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The Secret To Recovering

From Toxic Relationships

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Education / Digital Programs

by Jenine Lori


  • Understand Why No Contact Isn't Enough and Learn What Else is Required

  • Acquire Life-changing Insight and Dynamic Tools to Heal and Recover Now

  • Enjoy Self-paced Learning with Direct Access to Clarity, Questions, and Guidance

  • Private and Interactive Group to Connect with Others Healing from Toxic Relationships

  • Break the Cycle That Keeps You Mentally Trapped, Even After the Relationship Ends

  • Unearth Hidden Gifts to Reclaim Your Power and Take Control of Your Life

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    End the cycle and empower your inner-child now with the only self-healing recovery program to stop attracting toxic relationships for good!

    Discover the true reason for attracting toxic relationships that no other program shares. Learn powerful tools, to finally help you heal, recover, and regain your life back after going through a toxic relationship.

    In this self-guided, program, gain a deeper understanding of narcissistic behaviors and other mental health syndromes from the perspective of healing the wounded child within, so you can finally attract the healthy, safe, and nourishing connections you desire.

  • Program material, exercises, activities, and through-proving perspectives, specifically dedicated to releasing toxic or narcissistic relationships with a step process to heal from within

  • Purposefully arranged to support all learning styles  

  • Unlimited viewing access through a private online access portal

  • Digital program alone.  Electronic equipment is for display alone, and is not included in the purchase

  • * By purchasing, you also agree to this Purchase Agreement

    "Change is simple! It's the decision to change that often takes the effort to make."

    ~ Carl Schirtzer

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