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Recover From Toxic Relationships

with Jenine

Understand Why No Contact Isn't Enough as You Grasp What Else is Required

  • Break the Cycle That Keeps You Mentally Trapped, Even After the Relationship Ends

  • Awaken Hidden Gifts to Reclaim Your Power, Enforce Boundaries, and Regain Self-Control

  • Empower Yourself through Self-Paced Video Lessons with Direct Support for Clarity and Guidance

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    Come to learn the overlooked reasons behind toxic relationship patterns and insights that set this program apart from all the rest. At the same time, acquire simply transformational tools that are guaranteed to guide you towards healing, recovery, and the ultimate reclaiming of your life following a toxic relationship, even years later.

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    This self-guided program features an exclusive video mastery collection that delves deep into comprehending the real reason behind narcissistic behaviors and other mental health syndromes. It equips you with the skills to break free from their grip by healing your wounded inner child.

    You'll also become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals, providing ongoing support, motivation, and valuable resources as you progress through the stages of emotional recovery.

    Toxic relationships can be emotionally debilitating and create an enduring cycle of pain that can last many years. But there's a path to liberation. Break free from this cycle, even after the relationship has ended, by discovering the hidden gifts that will empower you to regain control and reclaim your life. Start your journey today towards the healthy, secure, and nurturing connections you genuinely deserve."

    This Program Includes:

    Toxic Relationship Breakthrough Videos: Unlimited access to our signature self-paced video collection, guiding you through the phases of empowerment to liberate yourself from toxic relationship patterns.

    Wounded-Child Exercise Guide: Embark on change with our downloadable PDF, and discover a wealth of self-guided exercises, designed to empower you to move beyond the past and embrace positive changes in your future moments.

    Toxic Relationship Liberation Community: Your online safe-space of support, connection, feedback, live streams, and companionship with like-minded individuals, where you can draw strength on your journey of releasing toxic relationships once and for all.

    Live Coaching & Guidance: Access pivotal, personal guidance, gain clarity in your questions, and explore emerging and desired topics, while you become one with a community, ready to hold you accountable to navigate your challenges with loving support.

    With 10x Bonus Gifts

    'Protect Yourself from Mental Manipulation': Identify toxic relationships before they form, with this online compilation that empowers you to recognize and disarm attempts to maliciously influence, persuade, or control you. Over 4 hours of video content with exercises and guided learning to understand the unconscious mind. 

    Foundation of Balance Self-Paced Workbooks: Comprehensive digital guide and interactive workbooks to help you attain peace and balance in your upcoming moments

    30-Day Dreamer's Journey:

    Experience a journal like no other, as you dive into vision-casting, goal-setting, and self-reflecting, in thought-provoking reflections that align you in an empowering exploration.

    Building a Resilient Self: Guided Ebook Series: A collection of interactive ebooks dedicated to strengthening and reclaim your energy.

  • Program material, exercises, activities, and through-proving perspectives, specifically dedicated to protecting against being influenced, persuaded, or mentally controlled.

  • Purposefully arranged to support all learning styles  

  • Unlimited viewing access through a private online access portal

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