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Surprise, I have 3 eyes!

Healing Children's Book

by Jenine Lori

Join Joey and his magical friends on a journey through an enchanted forest as he uncovers how to see through his third eye. As Joey's friends teach him how to perceive reality uniquely, he begins to discover a new understanding of the powers of creation.

The story focuses on building self-confidence, imagination and teaching acceptance for being different while embracing the unknown.This is a playful story which seamlessly combines beautifully articulated rhythmic words with bright, vibrant, dynamic illustrations. Kids will love the happy smiling, unicorns, fairies, trolls, beautiful rainbows and enchanted creatures throughout every page.

For anyone who loves the magic of creativity and expanding their vision. Makes a nice gift for ages 4 to 10 years. An innovative and delightful book, bound to capture the hearts of all ages.

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0f the Award-Winning Children's Book that became a International Best-Seller and Instant Classic... 'Surprise, I have 3 Eyes'

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