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Surprise, I have 3 eyes!

Jenine Lori's Award-winning, International Bestselling Children's Book

Teaches children of all ages self-confidence and to always trust in your instincts.

  • Artfully designed to stimulate imagination, unlock inner-creativity and healthy communication.

  • Teaches to embrace differences and celebrate individuality, brilliantly set over a rhythmic cadence.

  • Cultivates curiosity and explores the unknown as they enjoy over 50 unique colorful characters and magical themes.

  • Develops an appreciation for the magic of creativity, the possibility in the unknown, and the power of expanding of your inner-vision

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    Embark on a magical journey through an enchanted forest and discover unique ways of perceiving reality that lead to a new understanding of the powers of creation.

    Experience a playful and imaginative world filled with happy smiling creatures, unicorns, fairies, trolls, beautiful rainbows, and enchanted scenery on every page. Enjoy beautifully articulated rhythmic words that seamlessly combine with bright, vibrant, dynamic illustrations to make the story come alive.

    This award-winning, international best selling children's book is the perfect gift for children aged 4 to 10 who love to explore the magic of creativity and expand their vision.

    With its innovative storyline and delightful illustrations, it is sure to capture the hearts of readers of all ages. Filled with inspiring messages about building self-confidence, trusting instincts, embracing differences, celebrating individuality, and cultivating curiosity, this book encourages young readers to explore the unknown and develop a love for reading. So, whether you're a child or an adult, get ready to embark on a magical adventure that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and ignite your imagination.

    Meet Joey and his Friends

    Explore the creative genius of the Award-Winning Children's Book that became a International Best-Seller and Instant Classic.

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