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Main image -Healing Your Attraction To Money

Healing Your Relationship With Money!

with Carl Schirtzer

Experience a deep trance induction to release blockages and form a healthier money mindset

  • Align with the universal connection of unlimited earning potential and cultivate a more abundant outlook on life

  • Learn to navigate financial challenges with resilience and adaptability by adjusting your perceptions of money

  • Visualize yourself as a vibrant, magnet for financial success, attracting opportunities with an amplified energetic frequency

  • Tap into the power of attraction, while reinforcing your worthiness to receive continual financial abundance

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    This recording offers a transformative experience for those seeking to improve their financial well-being. Through a soothing trance induction, this recording delves deep into your subconscious to address emotional blockages surrounding money. By rewriting your money stories, you can release negative emotions and create a healthier mindset towards finances. This process fosters emotional healing, empowering you to navigate financial challenges with greater resilience and adaptability.

    One of the key benefits is the cultivation of an improved abundance mindset. Guided visualizations help you connect with the universal energy of unlimited earning potential, leading to a more positive outlook on life and attracting financial abundance. Additionally, you'll envision yourself as a vibrant and illuminated chalice, radiating an energetic frequency that magnetizes financial success and opportunities.

    As you embark on this journey of healing and transformation, you'll gain increased confidence and self-empowerment in managing your finances. The recording encourages you to embrace your worthiness to receive financial abundance, reinforcing positive beliefs about money and prosperity.

    Moreover, "Healing Your Relationship With Money!" taps into the power of manifestation and attraction. Through guided imagery, you'll visualize yourself gracefully floating on an energetic river of wealth, open to the flow of success and favorable financial circumstances. This process aligns you with the frequency of abundance, making you more receptive to opportunities that support your financial goals.

    Whether you're seeking emotional healing, financial empowerment, or a deeper connection with abundance, this recording offers a transformative and empowering experience. Let go of limiting beliefs and welcome a new chapter of prosperity and fulfillment in your financial journey.

  • Pre-recorded hypnotic trance induction set to a tranquil backdrop, followed by positive, healthful, and subconscious messaging.

  • This purchase provides a downloadable mp3 for personal, recreational use alone

  • Session is approximately 24 minutes in total listening length

  • No promises or claims can be made to its effectiveness, and should be used at the discretion and enjoyment of the individual, and any third-person testimonials should be considered independent from another's experience

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