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Heal Your Relationship

with Jenine Lori and Carl Schirtzer

Heal your inner reality to remove old relationship habits and patterns, and to form a safe space for growth and healthy connection.

  • Resolve childhood wounds and previous partner challenges that trigger ’negative’ emotions or self-destructive conflict, so you can shift subconscious needs for authentic expression.

  • Gain healthy communication strategies for your wants, needs, and concerns, while obtaining tools, insights, and direction for an empowering journey, individually and collectively.

  • Expect clarity and guidance for the healthiest outcome, whether rekindling sparks or empowering alternative results, your collective best interests is top priority.

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    Embark on our sought-after 3-month signature program, a transformative counseling journey for couples, relationships, and connections. Join for either 12 or 26 weeks, with weekly hour-long sessions that promise internal shifts, balance within 4 weeks, a sense of completion after 12 weeks, or a complete overhaul of your internal reality and relationship wellness after 26 weeks.

    Life is a continuous journey, and challenges are inevitable. Our focus is on resolving issues, identifying their internal sources, and providing you with tools and techniques for personal and collective growth. While challenges may arise, expect to navigate them more healthily, with increased speed and empathy for each other.

    In our unique approach, individual healing takes precedence within the context of your connection. Rather than addressing issues as a group, we work with each person individually, delving into stored trauma, subconscious needs, and blocked energy to create a space for authentic self-expression and personal growth.

    The program's promise lies in the understanding that as you heal wounds and resolve stuck trauma, your relationship dynamics naturally shift. Subconscious needs evolve, allowing both partners to express themselves authentically. While it's not mandatory for both individuals to participate, optimal results are achieved when each person undergoes their own transformation.

    Our commitment is not a guarantee to keep you together but to guide you toward clarity, leading to the healthiest outcome for everyone involved. Relationships thrive when partners share common ground and resonate at similar emotional and energetic wavelengths. Upon completion of our counseling, you'll gain increasing clarity on the healthiest approach for your relationship, whether rekindling lost sparks, reconnecting over a common connection, or determining a clear and empowering direction for both individuals. Trust the process, and let us guide you through this transformative journey.

  • Engage in a 60-minute transformative sessions conducted over a secure online platform.

  • Individual client pricing is available, with special discounts for partners. 

  • Schedule or reschedule your session with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice, ensuring flexibility for your convenience.

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