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Sol-System Review

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life's purpose with Sol-System. Explore your personality, uncover your life's purpose, and understand your compatibility with others. Delve into your ideal career path, find peace in past experiences, and gain valuable guidance for your personal growth journey to healing and self-awareness.

Solution-Based Perspective Sessions

Embark on a transformative journey with these single sessions, tailored for those with specific irritants or small problems seeking swift resolutions. Through simple yet powerful dialogue, hypnotic language, and subconscious techniques, we guide you with ease, grace, and efficiency to move beyond your challenges towards impactful solutions.

Private Client Transformations

A life-changing journey. Witness foundational shifts, progressing to deep emotional well-being, while you undergo a complete metamorphosis and gain tools to access your own inner-healer.  Embrace life with newfound enjoyment, fun, passion, and excitement, as you join us for weekly virtual sessions, actively engaging in transformative experiences beyond obstacles, awakening your inner wisdom, and laying the groundwork for a magical life.

Breakthrough Subconscious Reset

Dive deep into the essence of a specific area of your life with our Breakthrough session. In this intensive 6 to 8-hour journey, we address one life aspect of your choice – whether it's health, career, relationships, or more. By delving into your entire foundation of unresourceful beliefs, patterns, and approaches, we hit the master reset button on your subconscious. The result? A complete overhaul and establishing a new framework for rapid success and mastery.

Success & Life Coaching Guidance

Unlock the path to success with our sessions designed for those seeking direction and actionable steps. These interactive sessions provide on-demand insights, guidance, and perspective. While healing is not on the agenda, here, you're empowered to move beyond current blockages and achieve desired outcomes. It's about having the right questions asked and offering the perfect perspective to propel you closer to your goals.

Children, Teens & Families

Navigate the complexities of family dynamics with our holistic approach. Our work with children and teens goes hand in hand with empowering parents. By healing the parent-child relationship individually, we create a nurturing environment for the child's independent healing. This approach addresses the root causes, creating lasting positive change for the entire family.

Relationships, Couples & Marriages

Transform your relationship with our unique approach to counseling. Unlike traditional methods, we work individually with each person, focusing on their inner reality around relationships. Healing old wounds, addressing patterns, and fostering a healthy dynamic are our priorities. By working separately with each individual, we pave the way for genuine transformation and a thriving partnership.